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Everything You Need To Know About PSMA PET Scans For Prostate Cancer

Although PSMA PET scans are still awaiting FDA-approval, ongoing studies continue to suggest that it will be an even more valuable imaging tool used for both staging and restaging prostate cancer in the near future. The specifics of PSMA will hopefully allow for even more accurate imaging and the earliest possible detection when performing PET scans for prostate cancer.


Though still awaiting FDA-approval, it is being studied and used in other countries for the following purposes. 

  • Staging: Patients with a first-time diagnosis of prostate cancer benefit from using a PSMA PET scan because of its superior ability to detect cancer spread — offering the best possible future treatment options.
  • Restaging: Patients with suspected biochemically recurrent prostate cancer, meaning patients with elevated PSA levels after definitive therapy, benefit from using PSMA PET scans because of its ability to precisely locate recurrent prostate cancer and detect cancer spread. For both of these reasons, PSMA PET scans offer the best treatment options for recurrent prostate cancer.


PSMA PET scans use a different functional method of imaging prostate cancer cells.  PSMA is a glycoprotein, a type of sugar-protein that resides on the surface of prostate cancer cells. These tracers, such as PSMA, are injected and then PET scan images are acquired in the standard manner. As with all PET scans, these images are then interpreted by a radiologist and subsequently used to guide treatment strategy.

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What Is The Current Status Of PSMA PET Scans In The United States?

PSMA PET Scans for Prostate Cancer are currently FDA approved for about 3-5 academic facilities nationwide. However, we anticipate FDA approval very soon! We at PET Imaging already perform many high-quality Axumin PET scans for Prostate Cancer and FDG PET scans as well.

How Can I Be Notified As Soon As This Study is Available?

PET Imaging has formed a “PSMA Priority List” for any patients interested in being contacted and scheduled as soon as PSMA is available. Our PET/CT scanners are the newest, highest resolution, and fastest PET scanners in the region, and we will be able to accommodate your scan very quickly once PSMA PET scans are FDA approved. If you’d like to receive a notification once available, simply email us at with your contact information and you’ll be ready to go!

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