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    International Patients

    PET Imaging Institute of South Florida has been serving international patients, including those from the Caribbean, Central and South America, for 20 years.  We understand the special demands and needs of international patients and we are here to provide you the best possible PET scan experience.

    International patients are often on a tight schedule with multiple appointments to attend during their visit.  While some elements of your journey may be challenging and out of your control, such as airport delays and lost luggage, you can rely on PET Imaging Institute to provide the most reliable service and the highest level of performance in all of South Florida.  We deliver what we promise.

    Patient Satisfaction

    We enjoy serving our patients and often receive great feedback regarding the experience those patients have had in our centers.  PET Imaging Institute of South Florida is the highest rated and most reviewed PET scan facility in all of South Florida. But don’t take our word for it. Take a moment to click <here – google reviews> to see what patients have to say about their visit with us or watch the short video below.  

    Asking The Important Questions

    How Our Technology Is Different From Other Centers?

    Our PET scanner is the General Electric Discovery IQ 4-ring PET/CT scanner. This is one of the most advanced PET/CT scanners ever produced.  We recognize that there are other facilities that you may be considering for your PET scan. Patients should always do some research and ask a few questions before choosing where to have their scan.

    How Long Will My PET Scan Take?

    For example, “How long will my PET scan take?”  In South Florida, the average PET scan time is between 30 and 45 minutes. Our average PET/CT scan time is only 10 to 12 minutes.  That’s 75% faster than any other PET scanner in the area. If you have back pain or trouble lying in a scanner for prolonged periods of time, this is an important factor to consider.  On average, our patients spend less than 1.5 hours total in our facility. This includes paperwork, some preparation (click here to view our Patient Preparation) and the PET scan itself.

    How Much Radiation Will I Receive For My PET Scan?

    “How much radiation will I receive for my PET scan?” is another important question to ask.  All PET scans require some amount of radioactivity in order to work. However, some PET scanners need more than others in order to produce PET scan images.  The average radiation dose for other PET scanners in our area is between 13 and 20 “mCi” (the unit for measuring radiation dose). Our advanced scanner allows us to use only 4-6 mCi, which is in many cases more than 70% less.

    What Is The Age Of Your Current PET Scanner?

    Finally, feel free to ask, “How old is your PET scanner?”  At PET Imaging Institute of South Florida, we are constantly upgrading our equipment and technology in order to deliver the latest medical technology advances to our patients as soon as they are available. We spend more than any of our competitors to constantly deliver the latest and most up-to-date technological advances to our patients. What does this mean?  You get all the benefits of the newest and state-of-the-art PET/CT technology at absolutely no additional cost to you.

    PETCT Discovery IQ Icons

    Convenient Scheduling

    We understand that international medical visits sometimes require visits to multiple locations within a short period of time. We are always ready to welcome you on time and we promise to provide a schedule that you can rely upon during your visit.  PET Imaging Institute of South Florida has very flexible hours. We are available from 6 AM to 6 PM weekdays and Saturdays. If you have special scheduling needs, please contact us directly and we will accommodate any special requests, including reliable, free transportation to and from our facility.

    Fast, Accurate, Finalized Written Reports

    We recognize that your medical visit requires fast and accurate reporting of your medical tests. Our average turnaround time is less than 1.5 hours for your doctor to receive the final written report from our experienced and specialized PET Radiologists. If you have multiple appointments scheduled for your visit to South Florida, we recommend you visit our PET scan facility first.  Since we provide very fast turnaround times, your doctor will often receive the PET scan final report before you arrive at your next appointment.

    Before leaving our facility, you will be given a full DVD copy of your PET scan that includes free and user-friendly viewing software.  Your doctor will also be able to easily access your PET scan and report using our online viewer, PracticeLink, from anywhere in the world.  This provides instant, easy-to-use image and report viewing and is instantly available once your PET scan is complete. Our doctors are always available to quickly interpret your PET scan, generate a final report, and immediately call your doctor with those results.

    Insurance and Payment Options

    Click <here> to view a list of insurers we work with.  We offer pre-authorization for your PET scan and you may click <here> to view and complete our pre-authorization form.   We also offer convenient, discounted self pay options as well.

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